Ryegrass - A Great Cool Season Turf

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In Texas, spring sports such as baseball and softball (as well as track events) are played mostly on ryegrass fields because their seasons take place during the coldest months of the year. Ryegrass is a cool season grass variety and can make a great athletic field surface. TMC overseeds more than one hundred sports fields each year all over the state. Click to read more on overseeding.

TMC Super Sport Ryegrass

  • Fine Texture
  • Durable
  • Dark Green Color
  • Heat Tolerant

Our seed product is named Super Sport and it's a perennial ryegrass variety. Super Sport is a custom three-way blend of high quality ryegrass seed to help make a safe and durable playing surface. Each year we help our customers prepare their fields for overseeding, apply Super Sport at the appropriate rate per field, then help manage the grow-in and germination of the seed so each field is ready to play on at the appropriate time.

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