Why Hybrid?

  • Withstand heavy traffic

  • Excellent wear recovery

  • Finer texture

  • Favorable color

  • More weed and disease resistant

Hybrid Bermuda improves upon Common Bermuda's qualities including handling extended periods of high temperatures and mild winters, is drought resistant, and can grow in many soil conditions.      


The following are the typical Hybrid Bermudagrass varieties we work with, along with their major characteristics.


  • excellent drought tolerance & performance

  • vibrant bright green color

  • fine texture

  • low growing habit

  • superb cold tolerance during spring green-up and fall dormancy

Latitude 36

  • exceptional cold tolerance

  • fine texture

  • earlier spring green up

  • excellent wear tolerance

  • disease resistant

Tifway: TifSport & 419

  • dark green color

  • very durable

  • low growing habit

  • fine texture


  • genetically pure (newer, not mutated over time like Tifway 419)

  • no seed heads

Texas Turf

  • slightly taller growing habit

  • medium texture

Which Type?

When working on sports fields, it's important to match the grass type to the expected maintenance behaviors involved for a particular field or facility. We work to ensure the right grass variety is chosen so it will perform well based on the conditions affecting the playing surface. One common example is choosing TexTurf 10 over 419 or TifSport because the field in question will not be mowed three times per week.

TMC Can Help

There are several other factors involved in the proper grass for your sports fields. Contact us and we can help make sure your athletic teams are playing on the highest performing turfgrass possible.