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In our experience there are a handful of very important behaviors that need to be present in order for sports turf to achieve its full potential including Fertilization, Weed Control, Insect Control, Mowing, Irrigation, Aerification, Topdressing, Vertical Mowing, and Soil Treatments. Taking these factors (and others) into consideration, we pay special attention to each field’s needs to create custom yearly sports turf programs that will help maximize turf safety and performance. Let us help you create great sports fields year after year. We advise and consult on all the topics listed below. With the exception of regular mowing (because fields need to be mowed at least twice per week most of the year...that's just WAY too many fields all over Texas for us to mow) we can provide all of these products and services. Read on for a brief description of these topics related to quality turfgrass management...

  • Soil Sample Analysis & Treatment - Management of the soil to enhance or modify chemical consistency of the soil based on modern soil science
  • Fertilization - Nutrient management for maximizing turfgrass quality
  • Weed Control - Use of post-emergent, pre-emergent herbicides as well as cultural practices to control weed populations on athletic fields
  • Insect Control - Use of "least toxic" pesticides to manage turf-damaging insects as well as nuisance pests on natural grass athletic fields
  • Mowing - Utilizing the proper mowing equipment and mowing intervals is the cornerstone to good turfgrass management
  • Irrigation - Water management based on soil type, seasons of the year, field use patterns, and water availability to develop healthy turfgrass on athletic fields
  • Aerification - Promotion of healthy soil by relieving soil compaction by use of soil aeration equipment on sports fields
  • Topdressing - Applying soil material products to smooth playing surfaces and gradually improve soil quality on natural grass fields
  • Vertical Mowing or Verticutting - Thatch layer management to promote healthy turf canopy and root zone