TMC Sports Turf "MVP" - Danny Hardin of Sonora ISD

Texas Multi-Chem recognized Danny Hardin, maintenance director at Sonora ISD, for his work in maintaining the best high school football field in West Texas. Danny has received the first ever TMC Sports Turf "MVP" Award, recognizing excellence in turfgrass management. Mr. Hardin works hard each day to cultivate a high performance football field that Sonora can be proud of.


TMC renovated Sonora's football field back in April. The football field renovation included a complete replacement of the playing surface, upgrading it to a high performance sand-based field with TifSport hybrid bermudagrass sports turf. The field renovation was a commitment to higher standards by Sonora ISD...a commitment that Danny Hardin and his maintenance team has lived up to.

"Danny did a great job along with the direction and help of TMC in making our field a show place in the state" - Don Gibson, Sonora ISD Superintendent


Two of the most important maintenance behaviors that must be present in order for turfgrass to achieve peak form are frequent mowing and proper irrigation practices. Since the new sports turf was installed, Danny Hardin has ensured these important cultural practices are carried out each and every day of the week. Mowing the football field 1" high with a high quality (and properly calibrated) reel mower three times per week has been critical to the new TifSport bermudagrass growing to realize it's full potential. Coupled with a proper irrigation program that complements the regular mowing schedule, Sonora's field has become the best football field in West Texas.



Don Gibson, Superintendent at Sonora ISD, expresses appreciation for Danny's efforts:

"Any and every district would be better served if they had a employee as dedicated as Danny Hardin.  Danny takes great pride in starting and finishing a project and if you say Danny this is “your baby” you know it is going to be done correctly. Danny spends many hours working on the grounds and he wants the football field to look as good as anything else and it shows in the way our grounds look. Danny did a great job along with the direction and help of TMC in making our field a show place in the state. Sonora ISD is very proud of the 'new field' and we owe a lot to Danny in making this possible."



To most, it might not seem like regular mowing and watering of sports fields takes that much commitment. On the contrary, it takes a significant amount of commitment, planning, and execution each week to make sure a high performance football field like Sonora's is properly maintained. Along with being on a custom TMC Turf Program providing regular fertilizer applications as well as year-round weed control, Danny pays special attention to the high traffic areas between the hashes by "spoon feeding" the football field with small amounts of additional fertilizer throughout the season.

TMC is proud to present Danny Hardin the first ever TMC Sports Turf "MVP" Award, recognizing excellence in turfgrass management. We congratulate Danny for his overall dedication and attention to detail in maintaining Sonora's high performance football field - the best in West Texas!