Turf Maintenance: Mowing Height Preferences

Notre Dame's Tall Turf

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Aside from the common mowing height and frequency guidance discussed previously, in-season mowing height can also vary based on the preferences of coaches and players. For example, a baseball field may be cut slightly higher if a pitching staff has a solid ground ball fly ball ratio and the taller turf will give the infield a better ability to make plays on the greater number of infield grounders.

USC vs. Notre Dame 2005

Grass Debate Continues: USC vs. Notre Dame 2005 (Photo by Icon Sports Media)

Grass Debate Continues: USC vs. Notre Dame 2005 (Photo by Icon Sports Media)

Perhaps the most recent well-known example of turf mowing height preferences is the epic 2005 USC v. Notre Dame college football showdown (YouTube link - in this video the tall grass is mentioned and the abnormal height can be seen in some of the game footage) in South Bend where the stadium's Kentucky blue grass turf was reportedly mowed at an insane ankle-deep 4 inch height, ostensibly as an effort to slow down USC's overall team speed led by the (ex)Heisman winner Reggie Bush. Not even the tall sports turf could slow down the offenses that day, however, as both teams combined for almost 900 yards of total offense. Regardless, the debate still rages on regarding the height of the turf at Notre Dame stadium.

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