One Day Baseball Field Renovation

Old Edgewood HS baseball field back in service...ready for spring season baseball practice

TMC renovated the Edgewood High School baseball practice field in San Antonio. The condition of the baseball field had deteriorated to the point where it really couldn't be used at all. The turfgrass had encroached so far that it had almost completely grown over the entire infield skinned area. The consistency of the infield red dirt had degenerated over time becoming completely unmanageable, along with it being riddled with low spots and high spots.



One Day Baseball Field Renovation Steps

  • Manicure: Measure to find the correct distance of the back arch, base paths, and home plate circle. Sod cut and remove.

  • Till: Till the infield skinned area (2-3 inches deep). Loosen up the soil so it can be moved around and redistributed. Bring any of the clay base up to the surface to help improve overall sand/clay consistency.

  • Import New Infield Material: Import and rough-in about 50 tons of TMC custom blended infield mix called "Diamond Dandy".

  • Grading: This field was not built using precise measurements to achieve precise slopes, so using a laser is pointless here. Instead, we manual grade the infield, moving the infield dirt from the high areas and moving it to the low areas.

  • Add Infield Conditioner: Import and install about 10 tons of Diamond Pro Red Infield Conditioner to help manage the top layer of moisture in the infield soil profile.

  • Rebuild Mound and Home Plate Circle, Install Pitchers Rubber, Bases, and Home Plate: Over time, the pitchers mound had been dug out severely and had almost completely lost it's proper shape. The mound was reworked and given a proper table top. A new pitchers rubber and mound clay was installed. At the home plate area both batters boxes and the catchers areas were dug out and had mound clay installed, along with a new home plate.

  • Topdress: The entire field was topdressed with a moderate amount of USGA quality sand.


Big Improvement - Ready For Season

With this baseball field renovation, Edgewood High School can use their practice facility again, taking a lot of traffic off their game field.

Do Your Ball Fields Need a Renovation?

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