Safety Of Synthetic Turf Infill In Doubt

Renewed concerns surrounding crumb rubber infill material has caused the EPA to change it's official public stance regarding the safety of synthetic turf playing surfaces.

Here's the link to a recent article discussing the issue further.

Synthetic Turf Fields - Are They Right For Your Organization?

The short depends. Individuals in charge of making sports field purchasing decisions should be aware there IS a choice. It's been our experience the valid reasons for choosing a synthetic turf playing surface over a natural grass field are primarily due to the overall water availability at a facility and the anticipated traffic patterns/usage of a field. Comparing real costs of natural grass athletic fields versus a synthetic turf surface will never come up in favor of synthetic turf. With higher initial construction costs and perpetual surface replacement, synthetic turf simply doesn't compare favorably in real world cost comparisons.

See our in-depth blog series on the subject for more information.

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