TMI Softball Field

San Antonio TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas - has a new softball field, complete with new field lighting, press box, bleacher seating, shade covers, three side masonry dugouts with metal roofs, backstop netting that offers spectators unobstructed views additional batting cages and a concession stand.

"Texas Multi-Chem is the best in the business. They built a first class softball field at TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas that exceeded all of our expectations." - Becky Geyer, TMI Athletic Director

Photos of TMI's New Softball Field

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TMI held a grand-opening ceremony for the new softball field to celebrate the new facility. The Rev. Nathan Bostian, TMI chaplain, delivered an invocation; Stephen Walker, executive chairman of the TMI Board of Governors, gave a brief welcome; and TMI Headmaster John W. Cooper, Ph.D., thanked parents, donors and vendors for their contributions toward making the new facilities possible.

“We’re delighted to be starting the season with new facilities that are among the finest in the city, all thanks to the generosity of those who have contributed to our TMI athletics program,” Cooper said, noting that the softball roster was the largest in years, with several all-district players returning. “We’re proud to be able to offer such a safe, comfortable and dynamic environment for all our student-athletes, visitors and spectators.” - TMI Headmaster John W. Cooper, Ph.D

The ceremony was followed by a varsity game against San Antonio Christians Schools. The Rt. Rev. Gary R. Lillibridge, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, threw out the first pitch. TMI won the grand opening game, 21-7.

More Images From the TMI Softball Field Grand-Opening

Thank You TMI!


TMI's new softball field is a wonderful addition to their campus that already has so many nice facilities. Thank you TMI for your continued trust in Texas Multi-Chem to build your new softball field and we hope your student athletes enjoy playing ball on this field for many years!


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